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Technical details


Via Cloud

Your WMS sends the structure of the warehouse to an instance of thePickPath located in the cloud. This is done one time or each time the structure changes. Then on a daily basis, your WMS sends picking tasks to the instance of thePickPath and gets back the optimized path. The communication is done with webservices on a secured channel

Via Interface

A local instance of thePickPath is intalled in your intranet. The interface with the WMS could be done via webservices like in the cloud solution but also with other technical possibilities. It's up to you to define it. For the rest, it's the same as in the cloud solution : the WMS sends the structure of the warehouse and the picking tasks and receives the optimized pathes.

ERP Integration

An integrated interface is proposed if you are using SAP WM. You may also ask us for a quotation in order to create a specific interface between your ERP/WMS and thePickPath


The Heart

ThePickPath is programmed in C++, which ensure efficiency and speed.

The interfaces

The communication interfaces and the web services are developped in Python, under the Django framework and the BootStrap layout. The Python engine communicates directly with the C++ layer.


Depending on your choice, we provide you Cloud services, or directly an operational server. The server has Ubuntu as operating system and we provide its maintenance. We are also open to other operating system, like Windows.