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As basic functionality, ThePickPath consists on the reduction of the moves in a warehouse.

Cost diminution

Knowing that the picking activity consists on, in average, 50 % of the global activity of a warehouse and that travelling represent 50 % of the time, costs can be dramatically reduced, because if we can reduce the travel time, we play on a very important costs factor in logistics. Depending on the level of productivity/optimization of the warehouse (fix pick path, reorganization ABC), the tool will allow to reduce moves until 30 %.


For several picking tasks for the same operator, thePickPath optimizes the order of execution of the tasks.

Distribution of the work

In a complete picking shift, thePickPath distributes the work between all different operators.

Priority management

In main cases of constraints(weight, volume, fragility, urgent deliveries...), a priority can be specified on articles. ThePickPath will take then into account those priorities in its computation.

Tool implementation

The warehouse is designed schematically in areal view. The algorithm will be based on this simplified scheme. The different sizes of locations are not taken into account because their influence on the travel time is low.

Other usages

ThePickPath is also usefull in order to reduce travel time in other activities : putaway, full pallets picking, replenishment, internal moves.